Protective Paint HSF61

Shielding paint, covering High Frequency (HF) radiations and Low Frequency (LF) electric fields. High shielding power, adherence and resistance with fine pigmentation. With phenomenal physical and chemical properties, combined with an environmentally friendly technology

Product code : HSF61
Category : Wall paints
Labels : Naturel İç Fındık
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We continue to develop our paints; we achieved almost a linear shielding attenuation for a very wide range of frequencies. The frequency range we can cover with our shielding paints includes both 5G frequency spectra:  FR1 (600 MHz - 6 GHz) e FR2 (24 GHz - 40 GHz)


Our paints do NOT contain nanoparticles.


Our paints are developed according to strict ecological criteria.

For example, we use carbonium with the lowest possible emission on the market and natural untreated graphite.

We consciously do not use graphene, a nanomaterial in which the potential for danger is still completely unknown.

The entire production process, including quality control, emission behaviour and economical use of preservatives, is subject to monitoring.

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